Insight Lecture 2: Working as a physician at the Everest Basekamp
Ashish Lohani
At 5,350 meters above sea level, Everest Base Camp is built every year on the Khumbu Glacier. In 2003, Himalayan Rescue Association and Dr. Luanne Freer together started a clinic at the Base Camp, now called as the EverestER. The clinic was established with the aim of providing good medical care to the population at the Base Camp, charging the non-Nepalese population to subsidize the care for Sherpa and non-Sherpa locals. 2012 was the 10th season for the clinic.

As a member in the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal, the speaker had chance to help running a research at the Base Camp during Spring Season 2010. He then worked as a Physician in years 2011 and 2012. Apart from being a physician, during the 2011 season, he also ran High Altitude Cough study at the Base Camp. This presentation focuses on the EverestER, and patient cases characteristic to Everest. It is a compilation of some of the experiences of the presenter while working as the first Nepalese Physician at the EverestER.