Special Topic: South Africa and ther World Cup - Pre-Travel Health Measures and Local Medical Infrastructure
Dr. A. De Frey
The FIFA Soccer World Cup will be hosted on the African continent for the first time in June 2010. The matches will be played in several cities around the country whilst players and fans will be hosted in many cities and towns in South Africa as well as neighbouring states.

Travel health practitioners responsible for the preparation of players and visitors alike need to have a clear understanding of the potential health and safety risks in the region as well as the health care infra-structure to support ill or injured travellers. This presentation provides a brief overview of both communicable and non-communicable disease risks including African Tick Bite Fever, Hepatitis, Measles, Novel influenza H1N1, Polio, Rabies, HIV/AIDS and Yellow Fever; malaria risk, prevention and management; injury risk and health care infra-structure and accessibility for foreign visitors.